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Offered occupations: to read before the application

One NGO, one mission, various professions. Go to detailed description

Offered occupations: to read before the application

One NGO, one mission, various professions. Go to detailed description

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Sciences Education, Nature Education, Sustainable Development Education play a key role in the building of a better world.

Upon receiving in 2011 the consultative status to the UN as an NGO, the association Objectif Sciences International received on this opportunity the further recognition of the importance of its mission. It happened just before the 20th anniversary of its foundation (which was celebrated in 2012).

In this context, what occupations are offered within the NGO?

Numerous job offers are proposed within the Objective Sciences International. Ranging from graphic design, through strategy, scientific research, publication, communication, logistics security to accountancy.

As for the fieldwork, we meet our audience’s demands. Therefore, they can find also other jobs, which do not deviate, in terms of the importance, from the others; sociocultural animator, logisticians, technicians, daily life animators, service employees, household employees, sports trainers, seasonal sciences educators and professional sciences educators. These are the professions, which, in contact with public beneficials, make the difference.

The jobs presented on this website are the ones who belong to the science education group of professions.

Regarding the sociocultural animator professions: visit this website

Regarding the headquarters’ professions: visit this website

In the domain of sciences education, two formats of employment are available to you.

In the case, Objectif Sciences International (OSI) assigns new colleagues to the first mission jobs. These missions allow people to prove themselves, and to demonstrate their capacity to understand, to respect, and to comply with the rules and the working environment of the OSI organization. In order to OSI can develop projects of high Participatory Research it is necessary to prove oneself during an initial year of working. New colleagues who will not be angry with another person, who will not break equipment, who will be able to protect their sleep time by organizing their day schedule properly, who will draw up the reports of quality and who will be able to make the updated list of equipment... will be reassigned next year. From this point, you can get the access to missions that are more complex. Naturally, only if you want it and if the NGO finds you competent enough to succeed fully.

Seasonal sciences educators

This page is designed for those who are interested in applying for a part-time or full-time job. If you are a scientist or teacher already employed stationary and you would like to, in addition to your job or as part of your job, contribute to the project in a very simple way (training, applied research, basic research ...), please visit this website to check the call for contribution.
Otherwise continue reading this page.

What does the work of a seasonal sciences educator consist in?

  • You are a student,
  • you are a technician in a laboratory,
  • you are retired,
  • or you already have a job elsewhere but additionally you would like to replenish your year by returning regularly do the animation of sciences,
  • you are a sociocultural animator and you are complementing your full-time job by adding several missions with fixed-term contract with different employers, you want to add the animation of sciences, Nature and sustainable development missions to your annual agenda,
  • or you are a father or a mother and you want to animate groups of young people or adults on different occasions in the year...

In all the cases listed above, or if you find yourself in yet another situation that allows you to animate the groups during a specific time periods and within the fields that appeal to you or they make you want to learn more about them, you can animate different types of missions such as:

  • Animation of the residential Classes of Scientific Discoveries from Monday to Friday in the autumn winter or spring,
  • Animation of the residential Holiday Camp of 15 days from Sunday to Sunday, during autumn, winter or spring school holidays...
  • Animation of the Sciences Clubs every Tuesday or Thursday evening, Wednesday or Saturday daytime in your city
  • Animation of the residential Holiday Camp of 1 month or 2 months in July and August
  • etc.

In order to be a aeasonal sciences educators in NGO Objectif Sciences International, you have to:

  • Apply as soon as possible in accordance with the procedure described on this website (see the appropriate section),
  • Then participate in the Stage 1 of training concerning the Science Pedagogy by Project pedagogy and the Research training by practice of real Research which will be given for you by trainers of the NGO.

After the Stage 1 training and the application in accordance with the procedure described on this website (see the appropriate section), you receive an entitlement that allows you to animate in all Centres for Scientific Living, Sciences Clubs and other organizations of the Objective Sciences International network, in the world, regardless of a country. Therefore, the only limits are your mastering the language used on the mission and your preparation on the technical theme of the mission (astronomy, geology, biology, etc.).

The Seasonal Scientific Educators are employees of the organization and they are responsible for the implementation of the mission of animation (a Discovery class, a Holiday Camp ...) but if they are also the autoentreprenors they can also choose to charge the association.

You can also decide to create your job and your future career based on knowledge acquired within Objectif Sciences International missions and become a full-time Professional Sciences Educator (see below).

Professional Sciences Educator

The Professional Sciences Educators are the Seasonal Sciences Educators who decided to continue their participation in the further stages of training in Sciences Education and who obtained the mandate of:

  • priority in hiring on a mission,
  • higher earnings,
  • schedules propitious to the family life (since it is then possible for you to establish yourself permanently in a place close to the Centre for Scientific Living that drives the Stays and the Discovery Classes in your field. Thanks to that, you have the opportunity to come back home in the evening),
  • access to international mobility throughout the OSI network (with Stage 2 – St2, you , you can enclose the operations conducted by any OSI Group in the World).

Therefore, the Professional Sciences Educators are active within the organization established by them to host their professional activity or within the self-employment and they invoice the Objectif Sciences International.

The Professional Sciences Educator receives the Stage 2 (St2) training and he continues the education in the field of animation of high quality in Sciences, Nature and Sustainable Development. They can sell their services for others beneficiaries then those from Objectif Sciences International network but they must give the priority to the Objectif Sciences International, in accordance with the agreement included in the contract. This amounts to balance the priority of hiring made to them by Objectif Sciences International (as mentioned previously).

Thanks to the presence of the Professional Sciences Educators in the team, Objectif Sciences International gains in quality, security and serenity. The Educators, by passing their advanced training and being able to obtain their mandate of Professional Sciences Educator, show their professionalism. The Centre of Living and the Sciences Club will pay much more for the Professional Sciences Educators but in return, they will get the assurance that what was planned will be prepared and what was prepared will be actually implemented as planned.

By obtaining this kind of mandate, the seasonal educator, who becomes the Professional Sciences Educator, benefits from many advantages such as: better knowledge, higher salary, employment guarantee in long term as well as in short term. Furthermore, he gains the professional recognition, visibility among other partners outside the Objectif Sciences International network, high quality training, schedules favoring a lasting professional life ... the benefits are numerous.

To become Professional Sciences Educator you must first:

  • have submitted the application in accordance with the procedure described on this website (see the appropriate box),
  • have completed the Stage 1 of training in Sciences Pedagogy by the Project pedagogy and the Research training by Practice of real Research (multiple dates during the year),
  • have animated between 15 and 60 days within the Objectif Sciences International as seasonal educator (as salaried employee or invoicing depending on your situation), To submit your application in order to animate as a scientific educator, please see the offers’ of employment section of this website and act without waiting so that we have time to study your project with you,
  • have completed Stage 2 of training in Sciences Pedagogy (a date is proposed to you after your sixty-day animation),
  • Sign your mandate with the NGO, and get your official certification allowing you to offer your Professional Educator services in all Centers and Clubs of the network and to invoice them according to the contracted network tariffs.

Then, you need to:

  • follow your annual and continuing training in this field:
    • participation in the Pedagogical Pre-Camps every year (2 months before the peak of the season),
    • participation in the Technical Pre-Camps every year (1 month before the peak of the season),
    • participation in the Post-Camps and GA of Campers every year (2 months after the end of the seasonal peak).

As a Professional Sciences Educator you are also invited to annual, ten-day NGO Public Congress which takes place in Geneva (Switzerland) around the International General Assembly of the Objectif Sciences International within the premises of the United Nations (Palace of Nations, Geneva). On this occasion you meet not only another Professional Sciences Educator of the Objectif Sciences International but also the Research Programmes Managers, the Pedagogical Logistics Programmes Managers (who coordinate the Centers for Scientific Living), the Development Programmes Managers (who increase the number of campers during the stays) and the leaders of the international headquarters. In addition, you can make numerous contacts with congressional visitors who are essentially the UN officials, representatives of other NGOs active in the environment, sciences, biology, health, agriculture, food, pollution, University Researchers...

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